About Monumental

Who We Are

Monumental is a leading personal and professional development platform for men in their professional prime.

The leaders we work with are committed to realising their fullest potential and crafting enduring legacies.

We focus on igniting purpose and nurturing wisdom to lead and inspire.

The content of our programmes is unrivalled in the leadership development space and the confidentiality our clients enjoy makes our programmes truly life changing.

Monumental Values


Where shared wisdom and experiences foster genuine connections.


Ensuring a safe space. Your privacy is our priority.


Reinforcing the collective pursuit of excellence.


We ensure actions align with words.


Master the art of inspiring and empowering individuals.


The essence of the human experience, a fundamental need for all men.


“I simply didn’t know how much I needed it.”

– Ross

Pete Hunt

Founder of Monumental

Pete worked for Knight Frank, CBRE & Bank of America in a corporate career that saw him execute on over USD500 million of commercial real estate before he was 30 in London and Hong Kong.

Pete then raised over $16 million for private equity projects in Asia before founding Monumental to address the gap he saw in the personal and professional development market for men in their professional prime.

His journey reflects the balance of professional success with personal fulfillment that Monumental aims to provide. Residing in Seaview on the Isle of Wight with his family, Pete embodies the principles of balance, growth, and community that Monumental champions.

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